What are Bag It Student Projects?


To inspire students to reduce their own and their community’s use of single-use plastics in the form of bags, bottles, and other packaging.

About The Plastic-Free School Project:

Made possible by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation  and Patagonia, Bag It is offering 300 educational DVDs and curriculum packets free of charge to schools around the world. We encourage you to watch the film and then submit a Plastic-Free School Project: a creative, inventive project that reduces your own and your community’s use of single-use plastics.

By creating a project, you will delve into the world of social impact and learn how rewarding it is to make a difference and create real change. We are partnering with the Story of Stuff and Algalita Marine Research to offer you more resources to get involved!

Visit the Student Projects link to see what projects students took on after watching Bag It last year!

Curriculum Materials and Resources:

(See How Can We Participate? for more on these programs)

Help get Bag It into more schools and organizations:

Funding for the Plastic Free School Project has been provided by Patagonia and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art, and music education now and into the future.