Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to show Bag It to my community. How do I start?

Start by ordering a public exhibition copy of the film through our distributor New Day Films. Public exhibition copies of the film are required for all events taking place outside the private home. Once you've secured the public exhibition DVD, use our Bag It Screening Tool Kit for ideas about planning your event!

How can I purchase Bag It for my school?

To purchase Bag It for your school, visit New Day Films. For additional educational resources, visit our For Educators page here or click on the "Study Resources" tab at the New Day site.

I'd like to plan an event in the near future. How much lead time should I allow between purchasing or renting the DVD from New Day Films and holding my event?

New Day Films offers several shipping options, including overnight, 2-day, and 3-day delivery. To allow plenty of time to publicize your event and do a test-run with your DVD, however, we recommend allowing yourself at least 3 weeks of lead time.

I'd like to purchase Bag It for personal use? Where can I do this?

To watch Bag It at home or with your family, head over to the online Bag It SHOP! Note that home-use DVDs really are just for personal use. Use in public or school-wide settings is a violation of copyright.

I'm interested in inviting one of Bag It's filmmakers to my school or organization. How can I do this?

Send us a note at We are often able to send the director or producer to campus and community events, and look forward to choosing a date that works! Please do keep in mind that we're unlikely to be able to send a filmmaker unless you're able to provide a modest honorarium to help compensate for time and travel.