Start a Bag It Club!

Students can work to phase out plastic use at school by starting a Bag It Club! Bag It Clubs meet weekly to strategize about how to reduce their school's collective use of plastic.

Organizing a waste-free lunch day that encourages students and teachers to pack reusable lunches is a great place to start! The Bag It Club can promote the event with posters, announcements and parent newsletters, with the ultimate goal of implementing a more permanent waste-free lunch program. Students can browse this guide for more organizing tips and send out this link to help their classmates find stylish alternatives to the disposable lunch.

The Bag It Club can also host a school-wide screening of Bag It and pair it with an activity aimed at reducing plastic use. For example, they can organize a cleanup at a nearby waterway (here's an organizing guide to help) or host a canvas bag decorating party. The club can even design its own reusable water bottles and then sell them to classmates as a fundraiser.

Creating a Bag It Club is great way for students to take action after viewing the film and to learn about community organizing.

Become a Plastic FREE Campus

The center for Health, Environment and Justice has been working on helping schools become PVC free in many ways and they would love to help you. First you can see where PVC is hiding in your school by visiting this website.

They have also has created a fantastic tool kit to guide your school to action for a PVC-free campus. You can download their tool kit here.

For a quick look, here is their list of the top ten ways your school can be PVC free.

Register your school with the Kokua Hawaii Foundation's Plastic Free Schools program which aims to help reduce single-use plastics on school campuses by encouraging students, faculty and parents make commitments to go plastic free!